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Welcome to OSQ.


It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the official website of our Omani Society in Queensland, Australia 2011.

We have designed this website with the aim of keeping you abreast of the most recent developments in the society by providing the most up-to-date information, news and events. The website has also been designed in a user-friendly manner in order to ensure quick and efficient access to information. It embraces a forum where you can express your concerns related to different issues of interests such as society, education, sport, media, technology, etc. You can also advertise for products you wish to sell via Buy and Sell located under the forum.

In addition, the photo gallery should provide you with an insight into our past activities and the resources link will connect you to the most important institutions that you may need to contact while being in Australia. Furthermore, the website contains also a calendar of events that will keep you updated with the current activities taking place in the society. As well as that, the accommodation link will connect you if you are a new student coming to Brisbane with team members who will help you find a suitable and comfortable accommodation. All you need to is to fill the appropriate form with your information and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Finally, the website does also contain a counselling service where a specialised team who is dedicated to listen to your academic and social difficulties will do their best to provide you with the best advice on such matters.

Once again, we would like to welcome you to our Omani Society in Queensland website, which we hope you find interesting as well as beneficial. Please take a tour through our site and should you have any questions or would like to share with us any suggestions or creative ideas that may improve the quality of our website and make this society more dynamic and interactive, please e-mail us at info@osqld.net

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